Very often drugs that are supposed to treat disease do have adverse effects on the patients and can pose a substantial threat to those who use them. Sometimes adverse drug reactions can be much worse than the illness that the drugs were intended to treat. While most of these side effects are not intended, in some cases they are caused when pharmaceutical companies negligently fail to recognize potential dangers or, even worse, when the companies intentionally conceal dangerous side effects in order to gain huge profits from the drugs.

Pharmaceutical litigation pursues companies that are guilty of pharmaceutical negligence and malpractice. Victims of defective or unsafe pharmaceuticals have the right to pursue compensation for a number of different costs, including:

  • Medical treatment expenses

  • Lost income

  • Pain and suffering

  • Rehabilitation

  • Loss of companionship

 At The Orhii Law Firm our attorneys are themselves medical professionals who fully understand how the system works and can help you recover your well-deserved compensation from the negligent pharmaceutical company.

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