Healthcare law focuses on the legislative, executive, and judicial rules and regulations that govern the healthcare industry, which includes hospitals and hospital systems, public and private insurers, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, and the individual practitioners who treat patients. Each of these entities functions within a vast complex of laws and regulations, and The Orhii law firm, PLLC offers a wide range of services that focus on specific aspects of healthcare law, such as False Claims Act issues, fraud and abuse, food and drug law, medical malpractice, healthcare insurance, and healthcare mergers and acquisitions.

In today’s highly litigious society healthcare providers, on a daily basis are faced with legal situations unimaginable just a few decades ago. Whether it is something as simple as a nurse discussing protected health information with the patient’s family or improper documentation leading to a malpractice suit. The healthcare provider must therefore be constantly aware of the legal obligations and risks. The legal issues seem endless, and include regulatory compliance, fraud and abuse, medical record documentation issues, Medicare audits, OIG audits and investigations, to mention but a few. The good news though, is that we finally have a law firm that understands the Healthcare Provider. You can rely on the Orhii Law Firm to assist you navigate the highly complicated labyrinth of healthcare legal and regulatory issues.


The Orhii Law Firm is dedicated to the service of the healthcare provider. We focus on issues affecting hospitals, pain management centers, physicians, dentists, pharmacies, nursing homes, home health agencies, ambulance services, adult day care services, rehabilitation clinics, rural health clinics, diagnostic and surgery centers and other provider services throughout Texas.


We offer expertise that is tailored to the type of service that you provide. For a token annual retainership fee the Orhii Law Firm will be available to you at all reasonable times to assist you with all your legal needs.


The Orhii Law Firm is involved in healthcare issues in a variety of ways, including:


  • Filing or defending against malpractice suits when a patient is injured during the course of medical treatment

  • Handling medical staff privilege cases that frequently turn on the quality of the staff/ doctor’s performance

  • Representing the government in administering programs that aim at cutting down healthcare costs and improving its quality, as well as providers who must adjust to these programs.

  • Contesting insurers’ refusals to pay claims, or representing insurers who do not want to pay for poor quality or unproven treatments.

  • Fraud & abuse issues

  • OIG/DOJ Negotiations

  • Medicare Fiscal Intermediary & Carrier Dispute mediation

  • Medical Record review

  • Internal investigations

  • Improvement in Clinical Documentation and Coding

  • Assistance in responding to client grievances and complaints

  • Preparing, reviewing and assisting providers with managed care contract negotiations and other legal matters pertaining to contractual agreements

  • Assisting and defending providers during audits conducted by state and federal agencies

  • Advising on regulatory matters such as Medicare anti-kickback and Stark matters

  • Representing providers in disputes with managed care payors

  • Alerting our clients about potential legal and compliance problems


Are you a healthcare provider? Do you anticipate any legal problems or do you have any legal questions? Call the Doctor. We are on your side. No more spending your valuable time responding to patient grievances and complaints or preparing to appear before the disciplinary committee. Just focus on patient care and let us handle all your legal needs!


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We are dedicated to the counseling and representation of healthcare providers.